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3 Ağustos 2016
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3 Ağustos 2016

Esophageal Stent



Migration Resistance The Progressive Step Flared Ends may assist in anchoring the stent within the esophageal lumen. Stricture Resolution The multiple wire braided construction is engineered to allow the stent to adjust to forces from the esophageal anatomy such as strictures and peristalsis. The design allows for gradual stent expansion, which is typically complete after 24-72 hrs. Tissue In-Growth Prevention  Silicone Covering extends the entire length of the stent in the fully covered version and is designed to prevent tumor ingrowth as well as seal concurrent esophageal fistulas and help reduce food impaction. Adjustability  Coated Polyester Removal Suture facilitates removal during the initial stent placement procedure. Fluoroscopic Visualization The Nitinol construction allows for clear visualization during fluoroscopy, ensuring accurate stent placement. delivery system Pre-dilation Avoidance The 18.5 French (6.17mm), low profile delivery system is designed to traverse tight strictures.* Endoscopic Placement The Endoscopic Transition Zone is designed to aid in stent placement accuracy when deployed using endoscopic visualization. Stent Placement Accuracy The coaxial delivery system is designed to result in 1:1 stent deployment. The fully covered stent may be reconstrained up to 75% of deployment and 2 times during the initial stent placement procedure

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